Our Business

Australian made, Australian owned, Family serviced

Ultrascreen Pty Ltd , has been operating in Melbourne Victoria since 1998 and nationally since 2000. Originally architectural window manufacturers, we were driven by customer demand to provide a quality alternative to conventional window and door screening methods.

Successfully manufacturing and supplying retractable insect screens to complement our own window and doors, it quickly became obvious retractable insect screens appealed to a much wider clientele. Ultrascreen Pty Ltd was set up for this purpose. In 2005 the window manufacturing business was sold to concentrate our efforts to the manufacture and sales of retractable insect screens.

Ultrascreen is now successfully established throughout Australia and is consistently referred to as the premium retractable insect screening system in Australia.

All Ultrascreen products are manufactured in Melbourne and we are constantly working with our European partners to ensure the best possible quality, design and performance is delivered to our customers.

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