Ultrascreen Life Time Warranty

Life time warranty on replacement parts, no questions asked. We will provide replacement parts free of charge, delivered anywhere in Australia at no charge for life. Send us back the defective part(s) and we will dispatch the new or equivalent part within 48hrs or return your screen to Ultrascreen and we will replace the parts for you at no charge.

This warranty applies to spring loaded and chain operated retractable insect screens manufactured within the sizes set out on the Ultrascreen recommended price list current at the time of purchase. Ultrascreen spring loaded and chain operated retractable insect screens are warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for life. Should any component fail as a result of defective materials or workmanship, Ultrascreen Pty Ltd at its discretion will (a) provide replacement parts to an authorised distributor / retailer or customer (b) provide a factory authorised repair to the defective screen. Defective screens must be returned to Ultrascreen freight paid and packed so as not to sustain during transportation. All replacement parts also warranted for life.


All warrantee claims must include proof of purchase i.e. copy of Ultrascreen Pty Ltd invoice or name and date of purchase.


Rips, cuts tears or damage to the screen mesh/fabric. Colourfastness or surface treatment performed by others. Minor scratches, blemishes, dents or other imperfections that do not impair the mechanical or visual integrity of the product.

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