Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ultrascreen?

Ultrascreen is an independently owned family run business. We pride ourselves on providing top quality retractable insect screening solutions with outstanding service and customer support.

How big is the cassette housing?

Ultrascreen manufacture using a 46mm cassette system with a 67mm cassette system for larger and motorised systems.

What colours are available?

Ultrascreen has currently 8 standard colours now that Woodland Grey and Primrose are discontinued (refer to our products option page for details) and also colour match to any powdercoat colour required.

Can you screen bifolds and stacker doors?

Yes Ultrascreen can screen most openings up to 2400 high x 4500 wide with our double horizontal screening system. For opening sizes in excess of size quoted please enquire by phone or email.

Is there a warranty?

Yes Ultrascreen come with a limited lifetime warranty (conditions apply) please refer to ‘about us‘ and ‘warranty’ for details.

How do I maintain my retractable screens?

To ensure smooth operation,regularly clean (vacuum) within the bottom guide to keep free of debris. Also, periodically spray into the tracks with a dry silicon spray to aid the movement through the guides. Dirty mesh can be cleaned with a brush, or sponge with a mild detergent and rinse with clear water. Be sure to educate new users, how to operate your screens. For screens installed on the exterior of buildings in an exposed position it is necessary to provide drain holes in the bottom track and to clean (vacuum) on a regular basis.

Can I install an Ultrascreen?

Yes, Ultrascreens are user friendly. Anyone with basic handyman skills and tools should be able to assemble and install an Ultrascreen retractable insect screen without complication. Ultrascreen supply written instructions and an instructional DVD for installation. Visit our ‘videos section‘ for more information.

Are any special tools required?

No, a battery operated screw driver/drill, 3.5mm drill bit, tape measure, a fine tooth hacksaw (blade 32tpi) and screws should be all that is required to complete the installation of a normal reveal or face fix type situation.

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