Pleated screens

Adding a new dimension to retractable insect screens, allowing for superior performance in breezy conditions, is smooth to operate and will stop at any location. Couple this with the ability to reach 3.2m in height and accommodate wide opening, Pleated screens allow great flexibility when dealing with difficult to screen areas.


Zig Zag, pleated system unlike the Plisse relies on a cable system and does not require the tractor type system to retain the mesh. Although this system does require a bottom track it is only 7mm high! This system allows the screen to be up to 4.5m wide and can be stacked either left or right.


Plisse, pleated screens require only a 3mm high bottom track as the screen relies on a tractor system
to retain the mesh. This is concealed in the vertical frame of the screen mechanism and is only visible
when the screen is in use. The screen panels can be multi stacked to accommodate wider
applications like bifolds and alfresco areas.

Sizes to 3200×2000 (wider with multi stacking panels)


Miny17, is so discreet, at only 17mm wide and a bottom track only 5mm high, this system is ideal for single and French doors and all other areas where detail is important.

Sizes to 2600×1800

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