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Ultrascreen retractable insect screens are individually fabricated to your specific requirements.

Applications include:

  • windows
  • doors
  • bifolds and
  • servery openings.

Ultrascreen retractable insect screens are designed to be visually pleasing, with a superior quality finish that will blend with fixtures and furnishings and enhance the value of your home or investments.

To ensure optimum performance and reliability all components within your Ultrascreen have been factory tested for quality, strength and reliability to ensure long life and top performance.

An Ultrascreen retractable insect screen is the most practical solution to screen Bi-fold and French Doors.

Ultrascreen are particularly popular with Casement, Hopper and Awning styled windows as well as most others.

Ultrascreen are manufactured in a standard range of popular colours, and can be ordered in any modern powdercoat colour.

Ultrascreen are unobtrusive and will blend with aluminium or timber framed openings.

Ultrascreen retractable screens stay retracted into their cassette when not required, allowing unrestricted views and convenience at all times. When protection from insects is required, simply slide them out and enjoy protection from flies, wasps, beetles and other unwanted insect pests.

Ultrascreen retractable insect screens can be used to screen most windows or door openings with horizontal or vertical operating systems.

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